One week later (after my last trichologist visit)…. July 29th

August 10, 2013

So, it’s a full week since I since I went to see the trichologist and started my hair journey. It truly requires a lot of commitment. I can’t believe I once contemplated going natural. I believe men are in phases and life is in stages. I definitely am not in that stage or phase where I can manage natural hair especially as mine is a combination of the 4B and…


The start of a new hair journey: Trichologist visit – July 18

August 4, 2013

Hi there, how was your week? Anyways, I had not had a retouch in 3 months and so I figured the best way to start my hair journey was to get a proper hair diagnosis to understand what was really going on with my hair. I have had these dandruff-like symptoms on my hair for a while but I knew it wasn’t dandruff and so I was anxious to find…