4 Ways To Burn Belly Fat

July 26, 2014

  Clinically known as central obesity, ”belly fat” is the excessive abdominal fat around the stomach/abdomen region. Commonly referred to as ”pot belly”, a situation whereby the body takes the shape of an apple instead of a pear. It is caused by a range of unhealthy habits that have overtime become a lifestyle. Many people, Nigerians included, are not aware that possessing a pot belly is not exactly an asset and…


Exercises for flatter abs – the heel slide with belly scoop!

February 26, 2014

Hi people. I promised that I would describe some exercises for a flatter tummy….I’ve decided to turn this into a weekly series where I’ll describe one or two exercise techniques. Today, I’ll be talking about Heel slides with a belly scoop because I think they are one of the first exercises that you can do after you have recovered from child-birth or if you are just starting your workout regime….


A flat tummy after a C section? Is it possible?

February 21, 2014

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The journey towards a flat belly – know some facts first!

November 8, 2013

Every woman wants a flat belly. Sometimes, it seems so difficult…you try your best to minimize your food intake and eat healthy. You do 100 crunches a day but still no luck. There are several things that can cause a big tummy: 1. Excess gas or bloating. This is a temporary cause of a big tummy and it explains why your tummy gets so much bigger after eating certain foods….