Ebun’s updated skincare regimen

August 28, 2015

My skincare regimen has gone through various adjustments. I’m so glad that I’m gradually getting closer to my perfect regimen. In the meantime, this is the most recent one. I’ve made a few changes here and there. Take a look! Cleansing – Turmeric black soap – Raw honey (I use this to wash my face every night except the days I wear makeup) Exfoliating – DIY Oatmeal Sugar Body Scrub…


Tunrie’s Crochet Braids

August 27, 2015

I hope everyone’s week is going as splendid as mine? Honestly I hope yours is much better. I had my try at crochet braids a few days back. As I went through the process, I wondered why I hadn’t done the style in a while and my answer came after I was done. 5 HOURS is not child’s play! It may have taken me longer though. I watched 3 movies…


5 ways to use cocoa butter

August 10, 2015

A few weeks ago, I received two batches of raw cocoa butter which I had ordered previously. Before I could say Jack Robinson, I whipped some body butter for myself. Thing is, I’d been waiting for a while for it and when it finally came, I was over the moon. Every one and their mothers know about the goodness that is cocoa butter especially as it’s commonly used for the…