Getting to Know… Jojoba Oil

January 20, 2017

Welcome back to the blog! First things first, how do you pronounce the word “jojoba”? It was quite surprising to realize I didn’t even need the “j” …lol. By the way, it is /hƏ’hoƱbƏ/ – “hoh-hoh-bah” for those of us who paid attention in phonetics or oral English class ever…. lol I did! Okay back to the post!! WHAT IS JOJOBA OIL? Jojoba oil is not actually oil but wax…


Benefits of Rice Bran Oil for Hair and Skin

November 21, 2016

We all know that Asian women live for their beauty secrets, Rice Bran Oil is one that is particularly well-kept! What is Rice Bran Oil? Like many carrier oils, a natural antioxidant. It could be ingested as a cooking oil and also be used topically on the skin and for the hair. What does it do? Its benefits vary depending on how it is used. For skin: – it is…


Natural Nigerian Rosehip Oil (Review)

Natural Nigerian Rosehip Oil (Review)
November 12, 2016

During the last #NITC16, one of the products in my haul was the Natural Nigerian Rosehip Oil. I have been using it religiously for two months now and I’m ready to talk about it. I had initially planned to buy the rosehip essential oil and mix it with my facial oil blend but when I got to NN’s stall, I had a change of heart and decided to buy this…


What is an oil-based cleanser?

August 29, 2016

Oil-based cleansers are so slept on! Have you ever tried washing off the waterproof mascara or using water-based wipes to take off super-matte lipsticks? Well, next time that happens to you, just add a drop or two of any carrier oil and watch the makeup come off so easily! The main idea behind oil-based cleansers is this – Oil dissolves oil. Cleansing the oil-based way ensures that pores are deeply…


Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil

August 17, 2016

I recently got some Palm Kernel Oil. I was looking to get new oils and this just jumped at me plus it was readily available. As always, the first thing I did was to smell the oil and it was not very pleasant. Although the seller had warned me before purchase, it still did not prepare me for its nutty scent. Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from…


The Benefits And Uses Of Jojoba Oil

July 28, 2016

I got some Jojoba Oil recently and the first thing I did was to check for the consistency and smell. To be honest, I was a tad disappointed. I expected a thicker consistency similar to Castor Oil or even Coconut Oil. Instead, I got a thin sheet-like oil.  Anyways, my disappointment doesn’t make it any less functional. Let’s find out what makes this oil tick. What then is Jojoba Oil? Jojoba oil…


DIY Chamomile Infused Oil

May 24, 2016

The idea behind infusions is basically improvisation. Substituting the scarce oils for the readily available. When I decided to make infusions, I had use the right herbs so as not to make the oils that I already had. Picking Chamomile was a no-brainer. I had read how great it was for the skin so I was itching to make some to add to my soaps and butters. Luckily, dried chamomile…


Benefits of Apricot Oil

May 23, 2016

Perhaps the most striking feature of Apricot oil is its light weight which makes it perfect for nighttime routine. I got my Apricot oil by chance. It was on sale for N1,000 and I COULD NOT resist. It was practically impossible even though I’ve never heard or used the oil before. Anyways, I got to use it almost immediately as a moisturizer and I loved it even though it is lightweight…


Edge Protection 101 – how to protect your edges

April 28, 2016

How important are your hair edges? Well I’d say if you don’t want to be forced to adopt the Japanese Samurai chonmage hairstyle with no trace of hair up to the center of your head and a permanently bound up in a top knot for the rest of your hair, then your edges are pretty important. In case you’re still kinda lost, your hair edges are the fine hair along your…


Product review: Now Foods Avocado Oil

March 9, 2016

There are three oils that are believed to be penetrate the hair: olive, coconut and avocado oils. I have had these three oils in my hair product stash for a while and I decided to try the avocado oil on my skin. I honestly can’t remember why I didn’t also try the coconut oil and/or olive oil. I didn’t use it on my face because it has a comedogenic rating of 2. Please…