How Ronke Raji Grew Her Natural Hair In 4 Months!

How Ronke Raji Grew Her Natural Hair In 4 Months!
January 10, 2017

Ronke Raji is a popular beauty vlogger and social media influencer who is known for her SLAYAGE! I mean, she slays both online and offline. She was recently in Lagos for the annual Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show and it was obvious that her slay was authentic. Anyways. she recently cut her natural hair again and in her new video she explains how she grew her hair back in…


What is water-only washing?

May 24, 2016

You know how naturalistas never fail to keep you marvelling? Yea, well. We have done it again! I probably shouldn’t refer to this as a fad, it is a regimen that is solely based on using water for your hair needs. Ekene of TheKinkandI put up a really packed and informative post on water only washing. Be sure to check it out. Dawn Michelle of Minimalist Beauty also has a…


Am I the wicked servant? On healthy hair practices

March 20, 2016

When I get introspective, I tend to be quite critical of myself. This time I was meditating on the parable of the three servants (Matt 25:14-30), we’ve all probably read or heard sermons about this part of the Scripture a 101 times. I somehow took a thinking detour and applied this parable to my hair. I have been natural now for about 3 years abi is it 2? And it…


Natural hair excitement: fad or phase?

November 10, 2015

Hello ladies, It’s safe to say getting back into a busy schedule has rendered me a lazy natural! You may think I’m exaggerating but let me give you some instances to back up my statement. Remember when I used to be excited about wash days? That giddy exciting feeling to try out ayurvedic clays, new shampoos, conditioning… That determination to try out new styles – three strand twists, finger coils…


Natural hair Vs. Texturised hair

October 16, 2015

Hey everyone! How are you guys enjoying your new age? By new age I mean our collective new age as a country. The way I see it, we Nigerians are what makes Nigeria a country so when Nigeria turns a year older, so do we! If you don’t understand, it’s fine because I am also getting confused as I explain the logic. Well that was my way of exchanging pleasantries…


5 ways to save time on wash days

August 9, 2015

I never understand naturals that spend the whole day tending to their hair. Though exceptions like henna treats that require a maximum of 4 hours exist. Much time shouldn’t expended on wash days. Here are five ways to help cut down the time spent. 1. Deep condition overnight. As a new natural, I did this religiously and it has contributed a lot to the present glorious state of my hair. Apart from the fact…


How to take care of coloured natural hair

February 15, 2015

I’ve chemically colored my hair twice now with permanent dyes. Even though I didn’t get the result I wanted, the dyes have left significant highlights on my hair. Plus, my henna/hibiscus treatments never fail to redden my hair. Anyway, a lot of naturals still have evasions for color generally. And I’m like why would you deprive yourself of such beauty? Seriously, except your hair is jet black, I don’t see…


Oils that cause acne: coconut oil, etc!!!

February 6, 2015

Hi people! So yesterday, I was talking about some causes of acne and it was actually a prelude to this post. A couple of weeks ago while I was applying Lavender Jamaican black castor oil to my scalp, I noticed a small bump. I was a bit worried because I had never felt a bump on my scalp before. On further inspection (with the help of my hubby), I discovered that…


How I Treat an Itchy Scalp

February 4, 2015

There are three ways I treat my itchy scalp – which I hardly have: I’m almost always conscious of my scalp, products I use, build up and whatnot. So when I start itching even after cleansing, I know something’s wrong somewhere. Overtime, these three practices have helped alleviate my itchy scalp. Depending on the intensity of the itch, I sometimes do all collectively and so far, I’ve had no issues….


Monday Inspiration – 5 Tips On Achieving Your Hair Goals

January 12, 2015

In one of my previous posts, I talked about some of my hair goals for the year which includes protective styling and length retention amongst other things. After which, I asked about yours and how you planned to achieve them. I’m gonna be sharing a few tips on achieving your goals. 1. Set realistic goals. This is obviously a no-brainer. You cannot go about setting a 12” length goal –…