Oils that cause acne: coconut oil, etc!!!

February 6, 2015

Hi people! So yesterday, I was talking about some causes of acne and it was actually a prelude to this post. A couple of weeks ago while I was applying Lavender Jamaican black castor oil to my scalp, I noticed a small bump. I was a bit worried because I had never felt a bump on my scalp before. On further inspection (with the help of my hubby), I discovered that…


7 causes of acne you already know

February 5, 2015

    This post was inspired by a friend of mine who has never had acne in her life until now. Acne can begin in adulthood and it is a misconception to think that it only happens in teenagers. Whenever I break out, I do a major analysis of several things in my daily routine because I have discovered that they can contribute to acne breakouts. If you’re breaking out now,…


What does non·com·e·do·gen·ic mean to you?

December 26, 2013

NON-COMEDOGENIC : not tending to clog pores (as by the formation of blackheads) If you have skin that is prone to breaking out in acne, you should look at every product you apply to your face (including your makeup). Check if this term, noncomedogenic, is written on their product descriptions. If there is/are product(s) not mentioning this, you might need to discontinue using it. This might be the very thing…


Mild to moderate acne treatment

June 13, 2013

If you have mild to moderate acne treatment, you can use over-the-counter-products to tackle your acne. However, it’s important to use a set of products and not just one product if you want to effectively treat it. Sometimes, it gets confusing so I designed a simple regimen samples that you can choose from our store: Product group Product name Price Regimen sample 1 1• NOXZEMA TRIPLE CLEAN ANTI-BACTERIAL LATHERING CLEANSER,2•…