SUNDAY SOUND OUT: Tea rinses, Greenhouse effect and Aloe Vera

Q1: Hi. Please I would like to try the black tea rinse but I have some questions. Please how many weeks post-relaxer should I try it? Should I pre-poo as always? While moisturizing after the tea rinse, what should I use? A protein conditioner to deep condition or a moisturizing deep conditioner? My hair is shedding due to postpartum causes.
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Why you should do tea rinses for your hair

A: Hi dear reader. You can try tea rinses at any time in your stretch. You can also pre-poo as you usually do. Some women do shed postpartum and there is usually nothing to worry about. If it does get alarming, you might want to see a dermatologist. In addition to tea rinses, you should not neglect your perinatal vitamins. Garlic and aloe vera juice also help with shedding.

There are many ways to incorporate a tea rinse into your regimen and I’ll give you two options:


  1. Prepoo as your regularly do.
  2. Wash your hair.
  3. Do your tea rinse
  4. Use a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards because tea rinses (especially black tea) can leave the hair feeling hard.
  5. Rinse it out, dry and style your hair as usual.


  1. Prepoo as your usually do.
  2. Wash your hair
  3. Deep condition your hair
  4. Do your tea rinse
  5. Use an instant conditioner e.g VO5 conditioners, Herbal Essences hello hydration, Suave Naturals, etc to bring your hair back to softness.
  6. Style and dry your hair.

Tea rinses


Q2: Please, I need to know: how do you prevent greasiness/greasy feel if you have to put oil in your hair everyday (doing the Greenhouse effect)?
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Greenhouse effect hair regimen

 Use only a little oil and use something light e.g jojoba oil or grape seed oil. When I do the Greenhouse effect during the week, I usually use only a little oil so it doesn’t feel too oily. If it does feel too oily, I co-wash my hair in the morning. I only do the full Greenhouse effect the night before I wash my hair: I apply a lot of oil to my hair strands, using it as an overnight pre-poo. In the morning, I wash my hair and follow my usual regimen.

Q3: I have left my hair without relaxing for almost ten months, though my hair is scanty and very soft. How do I use aloe vera ta keep the hair healthy? Which type of hair creme relaxer would you recommend for such type of hair? 

A: You can make a hair spritz using aloe vera juice and water. If you have hair that easily loses moisture (highly porous hair), you can spray this on your hair to moisturize and/or refresh  your hair during the week. If your hair has difficulty absorbing moisture (low porosity hair), aloe vera juice might not be the best option for you. It can also help to reduce shedding and encourage hair growth. You can also mix aloe vera juice with your deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

Since you have hair that is very scanty and soft, you might not really need a relaxer. We have two natural hair bloggers on this blog, Tunrie and eBunite who you can follow. If you insist on relaxing your hair, use a relaxer for fine hair and don’t leave it on your hair for longer than 15 minutes. We have Silk Elements Mega silk relaxer (mild strength) available in our store if you are interested.

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  1. Hello, good morning,i have a question,please I would like to know what kind of products are best for relaxed hair care and growth as in shampoo,conditioner,moisturiser and so on(names of the products would be very helpful) thank u.

    1. It depends on your hair type, needs and budget. From our store,I recommend the following:
      Shampoo – Creme of nature argan oil shampoo or Elasta QP shampoo for relaxed hair
      Conditioner – Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing conditioner or Joico moisture recovery conditioner
      Moisturizer – Silk Elements Silken Child Moisturizing creme.

      1. Thank u for the reply,i think I have normal hair,i don’t have any problem combing it,it was initially quite scanty but it’s becoming fuller and longer too except that it shed more than it usually does due to the recent exam stress I had and having to skip my regimen until after the exam. the only problem I have is having to get rid of product build up while washing because I use the locally made black soap as my shampoo and Vo5 conditioner for my DC. I also have very porous hair. I recently tried mixing my protein and moisturising conditioner and I can’t say much on the first try,hopefully next 2 weeks when I wash my hair again.

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