Oops. I Did the Ultimate No.No!!!

Yup!!! I did oooo! So I recently took out my twists and I actually had it for about 4 weeks and I remember I washed it at least once a week!! Yup. Dandruff didn’t let me rest and I am very averse to flakes flying around when I have the involuntary urge to touch my scalp. Each time I scratched my scalp and flakes flew, I washed. I dunno if this is good or bad but I felt the urge to.. I’m trying to make my scalp a very happy place indeed.

So after I took out the twists, I lazed around for days, styling dirty hair. Compliments flew as usual but they were complimenting dirty hair. LOOL. E no dey show! So I decided to hunt for an anti-dandruff shampoo to get the job done. At first I wanted to go for Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap in Tea Tree or Eucalyptus but the 6 oz which I could have exhausted in a wash or 3 was pricey for the size so I decided I’d wait until I can just get the 16 0z. This my long story sha…

Anyways, I ended up buying one of the many Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff shampoo, Citrus Fresh scent!!!

sulfate shampoo natural hair

Yes, dandruff pushed me to this and yes, down the Healthy Hair Care Alley, this shampoo is a NO-NO!!! Sulfate shampoo on natural hair?  It’s the ultimate evil. *insert gasp here* Horrroooorrrrr! LOOL. Excuse my dramatics but yes, that’s how I came to understand sulfate shampoos and -cone packed products when I read through healthy hair articles and yes, this shampoo is packed, in fact, stuffed with sulfates and cones in epic proportions. And I used it! I remember joking to myself that my entire head of hair didn’t melt or something as I washed up with this shampoo but I actually felt refreshed, my scalp got what it needed. Although, I wished I could just wash my scalp only with it but at the end of the day, YUP, Tunrie washed with a sulfate and cone packed shampoo. *GASP*

The thing is, I think there’s a need to try stuff out and see how your hair would react to it instead of basing your decisions on what you’ve read (other people’s conclusions). I must confess however that my scalp felt amazing but my hair was a little dry but not irreversibly. I mean, with all the products we use after washing, don’t you think you can get your hair back to stability with proper moisturising afterwards??? Toh, like I said about mineral oils in one of my previous posts, there’s nothing wrong with trying out new stuff or doing a little more reading and not basing all your hair care decisions on prior information.

This isn’t to debunk sulfate-free shampoos but to put it out there that there’s more exploring to be done. 😀

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  1. Sometimes, I do use sulfate shampoos especially when I feel that my hair needs a deep cleansing. However, I usually mix it with some conditioner to reduce the drying effect. The most important thing about sulfates in your shampoo are to make sure you rinse them off completely.

    1. Yea. Totally agree with you on that. When I use this, I mostly just concentrate on my scalp since that’s where all the gunk is. The hair doesn’t require that much stripping. When I wash my entire length with it, it wasn’t easy getting my hair back to her happy place.

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