Styling Adventures: Havana Twists

How’s it going?

Well, I’ve been up to a lot. Somehow I find myself acting out on my hair whenever odd stuff happens to me. So a week ago, I got in this cab after buying stuff and forgot the stuff I bought in the cab which made me freaking pisssed so I made my hair… Productive me. Weird but true.

I spent the first moments deciding whether I wanted to braid or twist it.. I even practiced how to braid roots perfectly with extensions since that had always been a weak point of mine. And I learnt.

I intended to use my new braiding kinky extensions but I ended up reaching for the old ones which I intended to throw out but well frugal me. I got to sectioning, detangling and moisturizing the sections before using 4 strands (you know how they’re pre-packed) of kinky extensions cos I wanted the twists a bit big. In the tutorial I watched, the lady used about 8 strands for each section.

4 hours later, I was done twisting my hair but then I had to curl the ends so I grabbed my flexi-rods and got down to business. Heated up some water, got my brother to hold the hot water and I dipped the ends in. Unraveled the hair and tada, I was done. I really should throw out the braiding hair after I get rid of the twists cos’ it was really hard making the hair since it was stiff and old. Regular kinky hair is soft to touch.


‘I made my hair’. The reaction I get when I tell people this is priceless and I’m glad I’m learning. I’ve also gotten a handful of compliments. 😄

Havana twists are pretty easy to make and easy to style so you could do it as well and have fun with it.

What have you been up to???

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  1. I love Havana twists! I thought one needed a special type of hair extensions to make them…didn’t know you can still get the look with kinky. Does it feel heavy on your head? I’m a relaxed head and would love to make this style while stretching.

    1. Hey Wura… Yea, you can use regular kinky extensions, I think it’s all semantics with the type of hair you use. Abroad, they call it marley extensions or something like that… All na kinky. LOL. And yea, it’s not heavy at all. Kinky extensions normally aren’t. And you can wash while you have them in… I hope this helps…

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