Styling Adventures: The Updo


I just realized that I haven’t talked about this updo which is easily one of my best styles till date. I wore this for Naturals In The City 14 which took place in March and I definitely got compliments. Just recently, someone asked me how I achieved this style and it occurred to me that I never really talked about it so I just gave her a vague reply.

How To.

Anyways, this updo was achieved with a shrunken twistout. I really try not to stretch my hair every time to achieve a style except if it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve learnt to work with my shrinkage and this is an example. Of course, I moisturized first and just divided my hair into three sections and tried to figure out something with each section. Since my scalp is sensitive and allergic to bobby pins, I find ways to style my hair with little or nothing.

The bottom section was twisted/braided at the edges and tucked in to create an illusion of volume, the middle was held together with my trusty old stretchy comb which never fails me especially when I can’t use bobby pins. The front section was held together with just one bobby pin here. When I was done, I brushed my edges and took off. This isn’t the first time I tried this style so it took about five minutes or less to achieve.

Also, it’s important to section your hair first and start from the middle.That way, you can hold down the hair in the middle so it looks more tidy.

As I said earlier, It’s one of my favorite styles because it’s really easy and I will be trying different variations.

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