Stephanie’s RELAXER UPDATE! ?

Hi Sizzelle Town!

After about 6 long months of stretching, I finally got my hair relaxed and oh am I loving it ? !

I’ve been a bit weary about relaxing my hair again because as I mentioned previously, my last relaxer left me with a mixture of textures; my ends were bone straight and the back was so under-processed, it was practically natural. The front was nicely textured and I did like it, but I secretly wished my edges were a bit more laid. Seriously my hair was literally confused ? . Here are a few pictures!

Nicely textured in the front
That's the back
Due in the back

(The pics are actually looking all cute here but trust me when it dried it didn’t look this pretty)

You know I was really nervous about the relaxing process, I knew I wanted texture in my hair because I like the volume it creates but at the same time, I wanted that smooth finish you get from bone straight relaxing. I wasn’t certain if the stylist could give me what I wanted, but I decided to just pray that she did and stop stressing.

The Process:

She applied the relaxer slowly to each section of my hair starting from the back, when the whole hair was covered in relaxer she went over it again smoothing the hair with her hands (we didn’t comb through at all). It took about 30 minutes for her to get through it all (thank God I put some oil on my hair beforehand cause if not at that pace I may have been left bald ?! ), once that was done I washed out the relaxer immediately.

I then went ahead to deep condition my hair with heat and roller set (I should do a post on this….I think I’m gonna be roller setting my hair more often, I love the way it comes out). 

1 week after relaxing…still in love 🙂

More pics of the hair after the relaxer and roller-set will come on my post about roller setting, but look at that, I didn’t get that “after relaxer flat hair” and a week later the hair still has bounce… this is definitely a first for me! 

For those interested, I used the following for this salon session:

Yea guys that’s my relaxer day recap. I hope you enjoyed reading it cause I enjoyed writing it ? . Don’t forget to like, share and comment on what you would like to see me post.

Ps: Did you know that the manual in the relaxer gives great hair care information? Like for real, this was probably the first time I ever read that thing and I was like ‘woah, this is great info right here’… it talked about roller setting for volume, heat damage, over-lapping and over-processing. I was pleasantly surprised. So if you are like me and you don’t read the manual, give it a shot next time….It’ll be interesting to see if all relaxers give relevant info or if ORS is just awesome.

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