What’s in my spray bottle? {Ugomma}

A spray bottle is a must-have item for every lady on a hair journey….some ladies carry it in their bags and restore moisture to their hair while at work.. Sometimes, we do not remember to moisturize our hair at home but we can do something to it when we have a spray bottle with us.

Now we know that the spritz bottle is just a container and the contents are more important than the container. For the mixologists  like Tunrie, Ebun and I, *wink* , we know that we can do lots of magic, whip up some hair goodness and save our hair from lots of trouble.


I can’t leave my hair in this drying extension to be thirsty so this comes in handy and since I’ve used up my Silk Elements Detangling Leave In Conditioner, I had no choice but to prepare this…

In my bottle, I have:

  1. African Naturalistas detangling conditioner
  2. Tea Tree Oil
  3. Vinegar
  4. Water
  5. Almond Oil; and
  6. few drops of Hair Elixir.

I’ve been using this to moisturize my braids for the past weeks.

For my scalp, I use my trusted water and vinegar spritz.

Aloe-vera juice is one of best choices for your hair. Another very good option is a coconut water and vinegar spray…*I’ll tell you all about the coconut water and vinegar very soon*.

The most important thing is for you to find what works for your hair and keep it handy so that while you’re planning to stock up your stash your hair will not suffer.

Alright then go on and release the mixologist in you and get your hair spray ready….:)

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