Sleeping with makeup on? Sometimes? Never? Most times?

One in four women in the UK admit to sleeping with makeup on in order to stay looking their best for a partner. While most women can admit to have fallen  into bed with a full face of cosmetics on occasion after a night on the town, it  appears large numbers of women deliberately keep their make up on throughout the  night. Self-conscious women in relationships are  ignoring the negatives of sleeping in make-up and are going to bed with mascara,  foundation and even fake eyelashes on, to give the illusion of round the clock  beauty.”1 I honestly think that this is the height of insecurity. If you’re in a genuine loving relationship, you shouldn’t be ashamed of being who you are. Besides, there are dangers in falling asleep in makeup.


Besides, there are several dangers of sleeping with your makeup.

Dr. Eric Schweiger, founder of the Clear Clinic, and Dr. Erin Gilbert, an NYC-based dermatologist, were interviewed by Huffington post Style magazine and this is what they had to say 2:

  1. Firstly, “Sleeping in your makeup can result in unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment, which the makeup holds on to,” says Dr. Schweiger. “Free radicals cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, which results in fine lines on the skin. Additionally, makeup can clog the pores while you sleep, resulting in the development of acne.”
  2. “Sleeping in your eye makeup will not cause fine lines or acne on the skin, but it can still lead to problems,” says Dr. Schweiger. “Mascara and eyeliner can be rubbed by your pillow and end up in your eyes, which can lead to significant eye irritation.
  3. “Foundations and thick, oil-based primers are often the worst offenders,” says Dr. Gilbert. “They prevent the skin from renewing itself naturally at night, causing blackheads, acne and dullness.”
To prove this point, an experiment was done where a woman didn’t take off her makeup for one whole month. Rather, she kept piling it on. At the end of the experiment, she had actually aged by 10 years!!! Read the full story HERE.
sleeping with makeup on experiment
In my honest opinion, I think that experiment was a bit extreme.  How many women wear their makeup for days on end without cleansing? If I were conducting the experiment, I would tell my subject to sleep with her makeup every night and wash it off in the morning.
Do you sometimes go to bed with makeup on? Never? Or all the time?
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