Show yourself some love this Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and even as some us are super-duper happy with the great relationships we’re in, the need for self-love is ever important. I’m here to encourage you to show yourself some love this Valentine’s! You deserve it.

This may seem easier said than done considering the responsibilities and challenges we’re faced with in our daily lives but here are a few things that I do to practice self-love.

#1: Practice gratitude journaling

Daily journaling of things I’m grateful for helps with perspective and a cheerful attitude. For example, on rainy days when I forget my umbrella, I note down how grateful I am to be in good enough health/shape to run from the bus stop to my house! Ain’t God good?!

#2: Compliment yourself

Giving yourself compliments is a good step in positive direction of being kind to yourself. Cultivating the attitude of loving oneself and being kind to oneself makes a great foundation for being kind to others.

#3: Practice self-love daily

It could be a walk to the grocery store to get yourself a bar of chocolate, it could be an emphatic ‘no’ to an overbearing friend. Decide daily to do something that makes you happy. Choose yourself. Treat yourself. You’re more than worth it.

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