Serums : the key to your glow up

This pearly liquid has done wonders for my skin! I can’t even say this enough. 
For a long time, I lived without the knowledge of this pearly glory but that changed about a year ago when I was gifted the Mad Hippie exfoliating serum. It’s 30ml/1.02g. 
What is a serum?
Facial serums are skincare products to be applied to your skin between cleansing and moisturizing. They don’t have as many emollients or moisturizing ingredients as regular moisturizers. They normally come in small 1oz bottles with droppers to use regularly. A little goes a long way and 2-3 drops should normally be enough for your face. 
How do you use your serum?
You would use your serum depending on its sensitivity to sunlight. Currently I incorporate my serum into my night-time skincare routine. 
I’d like to introduce you to my facial skincare regimen –
CTSM: Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturise. 
This basically summarizes my above-mentioned routine. 
What is your skincare routine like?
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