Sealing with JBCO

Sealing with Jamaican black castor oil can help preserve your hair’s moisture levels. Its high viscosity can help prevent water loss from your hair. Especially if your hair is perpetually dry.

  • You can use Jamaican black castor oil diluted or undiluted.
  • Diluting it is a good idea if you have a sensitive scalp or your hair is fine or thin.
  • If you are going to be using it diluted, it’s a good idea to mix 1 part of another oil e.g safflower oil with 3 parts Jamaican black castor oil. However, the ratios are up to you.

The amount of JBCO you use depends on

  1. How thick your hair is: If your hair is thin, you might need to apply only a small amount.
  2. How oily you like your hair to feel and look. If you don’t want your hair to be too oily, apply only a few drops.
  3. Whether or not you don’t mind your hair being weighed down or not. The more castor oil you apply, the more it will be weighed down.

There are several ways you can use Jamaican black castor oil to seal your hair.

  1. As a leave-in product: Apply your leave-in conditioner. Next, apply the JBCO to your hair, concentrating on your ends. Comb through. Your hair will dry nice and silky.sealing with castor oil concentrating on your ends_opt
  2. As a sealant:
    1. Apply your moisturizer to your hair first. Next, apply JBCO to your hair, concentrating your ends; OR
    2. Mix your hair moisturizer with the JBCO and apply it directly to your hair, concentrating on your ends.

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