Save The Date 31st May: Capital Naturals Hair Meet-Up

Abuja people!!! What more can I say? Whoop! The hair meet-up is here again so just be prepared to meet and have fun. It’s not restricted to any hair type: basically as long as you have hair, you’re more than welcome to come.

In addition to the stuff on the poster, there’ll also be a swap table where ladies can bring their slightly-used hair and skin products. Those products that you’ve used once and really don’t like, those products that you might as well give out or throw in the trash (not expired stuff ooo), yea, rather than do that, you could get lucky and get it swapped for something else.

I attended the 2nd Capital Naturals and I really was glad I did. And I’m even more hyped that I went to that meet-up with a ‘TWA’ and I’m returning to this one at that awkward stage where my hair isn’t short enough to be a ‘TWA’ and isn’t long enough to reach my back. Or is it?? Oh well. Come, have fun and get stuff!

For those in Lagos, Naturals in The City 8 is coming to you Lagos beauties on June 28, and on that same day, Locitude presents the first Locs Appreciation Day in Nigeria! There’ll be more information about these events in a bit, but if you’ve never been to a Natural Hair meet-up, you may be wondering “Abeg, why? What for?” (excerpt from Ekene)


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