Satin Bonnets: Stay On vs Drawstring?

One of the fundamental rules of hair care is sleeping with a satin bonnet. Whatever you do, make sure you sleep with a satin bonnet. Ideally, your hair must be moisturized daily, mostly at night. But practically, that really never happens except if you think it’s really dry. Bonnets particularly prevent your hair from drying out at night.


Satin Bonnets: Stay On vs Drawstring?


Personally, I’ve been using satin bonnets since the beginning of my natural hair journey. Initially, I started with satin scarfs but they kept slipping off so I had to move to the bonnets. So, I got two black stay on bonnets which I’ve been alternating without any issues. Some people are particular about how the bonnet makes them look at night but I really don’t care. Every night, before I go to bed, I wear it, especially if I won’t be able to moisturize in the morning. I’ve been doing it religiously for almost three years. So far, I’ve had no challenges except that sometimes, it comes off at night so I end up still sleeping without it. I tried to find out the rationale behind this and I discovered that the bonnet comes off easily when I have a flat style like two strand twists or pigtails for instance. To solve this, I put my hair in a ponytail.

But recently, I went to the store and my eyes fell on this,

Satin Bonnets: Stay On vs Drawstring?


A drawstring satin bonnet.

Forget what the pack says, it has a drawstring and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve used in recent times. A drawstring means that no matter the style I’m wearing, I can adjust it to fit my head and I won’t slip out. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it has never fallen off and that’s a win for me.


So, over to you,

Stay on or Drawstring?

Which one do you use and which do you prefer?

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