Rosemary oil: benefits for hair and skin

Rosemary oil is one of the trifecta of essential oils for hair. The others being tea tree oil and lavender oil. In my opinion, every other oil has similar properties and falls under either of them. So, if you’re confused as to what essential oils to buy, these three are the most important.

So, what makes rosemary oil tick? Why is it called the hair stimulator?

After lavender oil, rosemary oil is possibly one of the most popular oils used globally. It is extracted from Rosmarinus officinalis, which is widely known in the Mediterranean region for its culinary and herbal benefits and has been extensively used for a wealth of health and wellness purposes.

Ever heard of rosemary herbs used for cooking? Aha! Rosemary Oil is extracted from them.

It has a clear, refreshing herbal smell, is clear in color, and is watery in viscosity.

If you’re looking for an essential oil fragrance for your deodorant or body butters, I’m sorry but it’s not your buddy. It doesn’t exactly possess floral scents of lavender or jasmine oils, it’s an aromatic herb that belongs to the mint family.

Now, we have a background knowledge. Next, what kind of magic can it perform?

According to Modern Essentials, a guide to the therapeutic uses of essential oils, “high-quality rosemary oil has analgesic, antibacterial, anticancer, anti-catarrhal, antifungal, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and expectorant properties”. Whoosh! So many properties!

We’ve established the fact that it’s a major culinary herb/spice. What else can it do to our hair and skin?

For Hair.

Rosemary oil has been known to stimulate the hair follicles which promotes growth and strength. By stimulating cell division and dilating the blood vessels, this oil stimulates the hair follicles into producing new hair growth. Ya heard? You need to start massaging your scalp with Rosemary Oil like yesterday! Don’t forget to dilute it with a carrier oil. Also, it possesses hair darkening properties which is safer than chemical dyes. It also helps treat dry and flaky scalp. It’s anti-fungal properties help treat scalp irritation.

For Skin.

Even though, I’m not so much of a fan of rosemary oil for my skin, there’s no doubt that it possess a myriad of properties including anti-aging which slows down the effect of aging on the skin as it helps in tightening sagging and loose skin, thus making it firmer and more elastic. When massaged into the face, rosemary oil can help lightens dark spots and blemishes on the skin resulting in an improved skin complexion. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary extract help to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. It also helps to heal burns and soothe the skin.

I use rosemary oil majorly in my oil mix as a scalp massage as well as other hair masks.

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