How Ronke Raji Grew Her Natural Hair In 4 Months!

Ronke Raji is a popular beauty vlogger and social media influencer who is known for her SLAYAGE! I mean, she slays both online and offline. She was recently in Lagos for the annual Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show and it was obvious that her slay was authentic.

Anyways. she recently cut her natural hair again and in her new video she explains how she grew her hair back in four months.The video also doubles as a makeup tutorial where she shows us how to achieve a vampy lip.

Here and the products she used:


Brush craft by artist Oval 3, oval 6, Oval 1 (they are actually super inexpensive and the brush fibers are so so soft and easy to blend!)

HEGAI & Ester brow pomade in Nubia
Benefit they’re real mascara
thebalm sliner
kyliecosmetics burgundy pallette
ardell demi wispies

LA girl pro concealer in warm honey
MAC prolongwear nourishing waterproof foundation
Ben nye banana powder
ABH that glow glow kit
NYX dewy setting spray

MAC nightmoth liner
Colorpop friday liquid lip


And here’s how she grew her hair in 4 months:

According to her, the secret to her hair growth is constant PROTECTIVE STYLING! She says that in order to achieve that length in a short time, you must embrace long – term protective styles – the type that you don’t break unless you want to wash to maintain the health of your hair. She also added that a LOW MANIPULATION regimen helped her hair too. Of course, FINGER DETANGLING worked too, so she pretty much adopted a no-comb regimen.

Now, watch the video below.

But first, here’s what she had to say,

So I’ve found that you guys really want to know more about my hair especially trying to stick my neck out there for my kinky thick haired loves. SO I decided to do this makeup look and instead of talking makeup, talk hair. So my two passions combined so I hope you enjoy my slayyy and listen to my natural hair growth tips and tricks. As usual I love you guys too much stay blessed and well!


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