Review: Neni’s Naturals Raw Black Soap


I’m such a huge fan of Neni Stone and everything her site represents – health and wellness. So, when she introduced her product line a little over a year ago, I knew I had to patronize her one way or the other. For various reasons, I couldn’t until this past week when the opportunity presented itself.

Neni’s such a sweet and approachable person plus she responds to her emails promptly – I have special love for people who don’t take ages to reply emails. After exchanging a number of them, I finally ordered a tub of raw black soap which was delivered the next day. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that, I was gonna be mixing stuff.

This is what it looks like:


Can I just say that I love the packaging! I love how tightly fitted it is. Plus the label is clear, subtle and easy to understand. It’s not all up in your face.

The raw soap is literally like sand particles. The label reads – ‘handmade from the ashes of cocoa, Shea tree barks and plantain leaves’. It doesn’t get any more organic than this!

I immediately brought out all of the stuff I wanted to mix with it but before that, here’s what I did WRONG:
– I didn’t look for Neni’s instructions/feedback although it was clearly stated on the label.
– I mixed it with cold water first which almost ruined it. In my defense, it wasn’t specified on the label. All I knew was it was looking very funny. Immediately, I knew I wasn’t doing something right. In a haste, I had mixed a small portion without even thinking. Eventually, Neni confirmed that I was supposed to use hot water instead. So, I boiled some and poured it over it. This was when it finally took its liquid state.


Now, I was more familiar with this. I was so happy that it didn’t go to waste. I divided the mix in two, allowed it to cool before pouring it into an applicator bottle.

Ingredients I added
– 1sp of turmeric powder
– honey
aloe vera gel
coconut oil
lavender oil

I basically just eyeballed the measurements except for the turmeric. I was super-happy that I had lavender oil to mask the turmeric scent. I didn’t want to go around smelling like herbs and spice. Overtime, I might tweak the current ingredients and add more stuff.


Price: N1500

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