How To Retain Length When Taking Down Protective Styles.


The take-down of any protective style is as important, if not more than the installation process. You need to carefully and patiently take them out else you might lose all the hair you might have retained which is of course a total waste of time.
So, you need to take your time. It’s not something you can rush over. Set aside a day that’s devoid of any previous plans or engagement.

Here is a step-by-step procedure of taking down protective styles.

1) Pick a day you’re less busy, when you have few things on your plate so that you can focus squarely on your hair.

2) Get a detangler. This comes in various forms: ready-made or home-made and varies from oils to spritz and mixes. You can even decide to use your hair spritz in your spray bottle. Protective styles, especially box braids tend to get matted up when left for as long as 4-6 weeks so it’s absolutely necessary to have a detangler on ground to help detangle without losing so much hair in the process. That way you can separate the hair gently without having to use force.

3). Get your tools ready and begin the take down process. You can decide to spray the detangler all over before or after take down.

4. When you’re done, carefully detangle taking one section at a time. After which you roll it up with a hair clamp or twist it so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the others. Continue until you’ve gone round your head.

5. Prepoo, properly shampoo with sulphates if necessary and deep condition with a protein treatment to restore your hair and put it back in shape. Moisturize, seal and style.  You can also decide do a tea or clarifying ACV rinse. Don’t forget to sleep in a satin bonnet.

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