Relaxer day – 17th July 2014 {Dr Fomsky}

Hi guys…sorry for the delay in giving you my relaxer day update. I wanted to do the post on my love-hate relationship with relaxers first. Don’t be surprised if I come out with a big chop announcement soon!! LOL!

The night before

Detangled with Silk Elements Silken Child Detangling spray.

Relaxer day

    1. Based scalp with Jamaican black castor oil
    2. Applied Coconut oil on my hair followed by Affirm FiberGuard Preservo Strengthening Serum
      (I was rummaging through my old stuff and stumbled on this’s part of the Affirm Fiberguard relaxer system and it helps to prevent overprocessing hair).
    3. Did another scalp base with vaseline.
    4. Sectioned my hair in 7 places for easy access.
    5. My friend applied the relaxer only to the new growth, starting from the back sections. I used Activilong relaxer kit (mild strength). I’ve been using this relaxer for one year now.
    6. I think we must have spent 30 – 40 minutes for the entire relaxer application or smoothing process. This is quite unusual cos’ she did the last relaxer touch-up for me and we did it for about 20 or 25 minutes. Anyways, my hair came out a little straighter than the last time but not bone straight. I also tried to keep the relaxer away from my edges to prevent losing them. #sizzellehairlinechallenge

      Keeping the relaxer off my edges
    7. Rinsed off the relaxer.
    8. Applied my protein conditioner: a mix of Mill Creek Botanicals Henna and Biotin conditioner.
    9. Used the neutralising shampoo. We must have shampooed like 5 times till the foam was white.
    10. Washed my hair with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo
    11. Deep conditioned with my Franck Provost repair conditioner
    12. My hair was a bit tangled and I had to take my time to detangle my hair carefully.
    13. My hair was still ‘texlaxed’ but not as much as the last time PLUS I could see my scalp. It’s time to thicken up my hair!! JBCO is calling my name!


Pictures (freshly detangled wet hair)

A bit of texture retained but I can see my scalp!!
Edges preserved!! #sizzellehairlinechallenge
Texture preserved!!






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  1. Hi pls wanted to find out should i use a heat protector serum, moisturize n seal then blow dry or use a heat protector then blow dry moisturize n seal also when air drying should I use a leave in conditioner moisturize n seal or wait for my hair to dry then moisturize n seal

    1. Hi Ummi. Your questions are very valid. This is what I would do if I were in your shoes:
      – Heat protector serum then blow dry. Moisturize and seal my hair in the evening afterward or as needed.
      – Air drying with a leave-in conditioner. Then moisturize and seal in the evening or the day following my wash day. After washing and conditioning my hair, I don’t usually need to moisturise and seal on that same day. That’s what the deep conditioning has already done for my hair.

  2. Hi,thank u for all the very helpful posts you have been sending. I want to ask a question please, I usually wash my hair with locally made black soap, then protein treat my relaxed hair with 1 egg, a table spoon to 2 of mayonnaise as well as some olive oil,after that I rinse off and then spray/ sprinkle ACV and water,i wait for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off and deep conditioning,before finally rinsing my hair. I have a very busy weekend schedule however and doing all these take a lot of time. So the question is, is it safe and a good hair practice to mix the protein with my conditioner on my wash day and apply at the same time?

    1. Hi Zainab. I’m happy that the posts have been helpful to you. I also used to have a similar issue with using protein treatments first and then deep conditioning. That’s what I now do. I mix in a LITTLE protein conditioner with my moisturising conditioner.
      It might not be a bad idea to mix it but be very cautious and observant when you do. Take note of how your hair reacts to the mixture. If it doesn’t react adversely, then you know you have a keeper but if it does, then you’ll have to stick to your current regimen.

  3. Hi I relaxed my hair wiv ORS olive oil and deep conditioned wv the replenishing mask, I would Lky to know pls a week post relaxer wat should I do wash n condition or wash n deep condition also is it ohk to use a detangle and a leave in conditioner at once after washing my hair and can I use a detangler on dry hair before moisturizing n seal

    1. Hi Ummi dear. Yes you should wash and deep condition. You can use a detangler and leave-in conditioner if you feel that your leave-in is not enough to detangle your hair. Yes you can also use your detangler on dry hair as a moisturiser OR lightly before moisturising and sealing.

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