My winter regimen

The winter is in full swing here in Paris and I had to change my routine

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a little bit to combat the dry winter air. For one thing, I’ve stopped exposing my hair to the dry air!! I know my peeps in Nigeria are also going through the harmattan season so I knew this post would be helpful. My relaxed hair winter regimen Weekly 1. Undo plaits. Prepoo overnight with avocado oil. I usually lightly moisturize my hair first. I’ve come to love this oil soo much! My hair really absorbs it so well! 2. Cleanse my hair lightly. 3. Deep condition my hair while sitting under my hair dryer for at least 30 minutes. This is so important to prepare your hair for the prevalent dryness. 4. Detangle my hair lightly in the shower. 5. Sit under my hair dryer on the lowest setting for 30-45 minutes. 6. Apply some avocado oil. 7. Sit down under the dryer for a few more minutes. 8. Detangle my hair with my wide tooth comb followed by my medium sized comb. 9. Plait my hair in four. 20131223-091622.jpg 10. Sometimes, I might co-wash in the middle of the week if my hair feels dry and time permits. Daily (morning and night) 1. Lightly mist my hair with a spray moisturizer. 2. Apply some avocado oil. 3. Apply a little moisturizer to each plait, paying attention to my nape. 4. Apply some Jamaican castor oil pomade (to seal in the moisture). 5. Cover my hair with a silk scarf then wear a hat/bonnet (to protect my hair and retain as much moisture as possible). If I’m going out, I wear a winter hat or a wig. If I was in Nigeria with the harmattan weather, I would follow the same regimen too.


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