Reddish hue on relaxed hair?

I was minding my business on campus when I noticed ladies with relaxed whose hair colours ranged from light red to orange. I have seen this condition a number of times but I can’t explain it. Prior to my healthy hair journey (HHJ), my hair also had the very subtle orange colour which wasn’t the colour it was before I relaxed my hair. My hair was natural until my last year in secondary school. Looking back now, if I knew everything I know now, I wouldn’t have relaxed my hair. No use crying over spilt milk.
I had to go online and google it. I got a lot of answers but the most prominent/common answer is the use of relaxers.

– Most people are of the opinion that it is the chemicals in relaxers that cause this “orangish” colour and it happens as a result of some chemical interactions from minerals/metals left in the hair shaft when they come in contact with the sun. Examining this carefully, it makes sense somehow because well this is Nigeria. I don’t think I ever used a neutralizing shampoo prior to my healthy hair journey except when I used boxed no-lye relaxers which had the neutralizing shampoo in them. Even then, the stylist didn’t even neutralise my hair very well!

– There is also a school of thought that overtime the chemicals in relaxers can lighten your natural hair colour, whether or not you use a lye or no-lye relaxer. It doesn’t mean your hair is damaged or over-processed.

– Your relaxed hair changing colour may be also because of your hair care practices such as using honey, teas and henna.

– It might also be as a result of accumulation of chemicals on your hair if you are a swimmer and so a chelating shampoo would do the job or a special colour rinse.

That is what I think causes a change in the colour of relaxed hair. Over to you!

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