Q: My hair is scanty. I need full, long hair.

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Q: My hair is scanty and shrinks whenever it’s loosened instead of staying straight. The edges also are very thin. What do I do to have very long hair that is full? I will be 47 years in June but still believe in having a full long hair, age notwithstanding.

A: You didn’t say if your hair was natural or relaxed. Natural hair tends to shrink more than relaxed hair.


To heal your edges, I advise you stay away from tight braids and weave-ons. Ghana weaving is a no-no in my opinion. If it’s really bad, stay away from all extensions if you can manage it. To treat it, you can apply some Jamaican black castor oil or any hair growth oil.
Everyone is blessed with different hair thickness and density. However, you can work on getting it as full and as long as possible.
To get fuller, longer hair, you need to reduce breakage. To do this, I advise that:
1. If you want to fix weaves or braids, treat your hair by deep conditioning it that day.
2. Don’t keep your braids or weaves more than 6 weeks.
3. When taking out your extensions, do this carefully.
4. Give your hair at least 2 weeks break before you fix another hair extension.
5. When you are carrying your own hair, deep condition your hair at least once a week. Leave your conditioner at least 20 minutes and sit under a hair dryer or steamer.
6. When you comb your hair, start from the tips and then the middle and the roots last.
7. Stay away from flat irons and hand dryers as much as possible. Stick to roller setting and air drying your hair instead.
8. Apply JBCO to your scalp 2 – 3 times a week. You can also mix it with your deep conditioner. JBCO helps to make the hair thicker. Other hair treatments you can use include essential oils and applying onion juice to your scalp.
9. If your hair feels dry during the week, apply a hair moisturizer lightly. Seal in this moisture with a hair oil.
10. Going off relaxers and carrying your natural hair (if you already are not) will also help to thicken your hair. If you still want to stick to relaxers, don’t relax your hair more frequently than every 8 weeks.
It is true that age might be a factor behind hair thinning but if you maintain healthy hair practices, you can reduce its effects to a large extent.


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    1. It depends on how long you have had it for. If it’s been for a long time, then you need to see a dermatologist or trichologist. If it is recently, then for MALES, look out for products that contain saw palmetto. You can also look for products containing minoxidil (e.g romaine).

      1. Hi when I was small I had a long hair, my hair is natural and I little bit long but fool , when I wash my hair it looks short and when I plait it tiny it will get shorter and it is very soft.iwant to grow it in 1 week.

        1. Hello Maryam. Natural hair has a tendency to shrink. For you to notice any change in hair growth, you need at least one month. Our hair grows at an average rate half an inch a month. Thank you so much for your comment.

  1. Hello…As a child and teenager, I had this massive coarse hair…but since the past 6-7 years , my hair is gradually disappearing . It started from the center portion of my scalp and has now reached the frontal lobe of my scalp. This has really affected my self-esteem as a woman and I have used different products to rectify the issue but to no avail. I am now looking for a professional and experienced Trichologist here in Lagos, Nigeria but my search has been futile so far. BTW, I am 31 years old and my hair is relaxed though I intend been natural for now ans I had my last touch-up in April, 2015.

    Your assistance whatsoever would highly be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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