Protein layering anyone?

We all know that the key to great hair lengths is protecting our ends. People use different techniques to protect their ends. Even when detangling it is advised you start with the ends. We need to groom and maintain our hair but special care should be taken with respect to our ends.

I’m saying START WITH ENDS IN MIND because they are the most fragile part of our hair and the oldest. They need to be ‘babied’ and pampered and one of the techniques I use to baby my ends include is something called Protein layering.

Just what is protein layering you might ask? It involves treating your ends with more protein than the rest of the hair.

What do I mean? Hang on it would make sense soon enough. You treat your ends with more protein than the rest of your hair by just finding a way of incorporating it into your regimen. In form of a prepoo OR deep conditioning OR serums. Be creative! I kinda learnt this secret from Nadege’s interview of Yahya who has waist length hair. So she knows what she is saying.

In form of deep conditioning – you might use a moisturizing deep conditioner on the rest of your hair and then use a protein deep conditioner (light) on your ends. Care must be taken not to overdo this technique so that your hair doesn’t get protein overload. I would advice using light protein deep conditioners like ORS replenishing conditioner bi-weekly on your ends only (last three inches of your hair)

In form of prepoos – Use oils such as coconut oil which enhance your hair’s proteins and other strengthening oils.

Serums – There are also some protein serums or leave-in products which you might add exclusively to your ends. Examples include Chi Silk Infusion and Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum.

You can also treat your ends with a little more oil or butter when sealing in moisture and keep them out of sight!!

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