Protective Styling: Yarn Twists

Yarn Twists. Who would have thought right?

Oh well. I did and that’s my protective styling for the moment. I intend to carry it for long but I don’t want to say how long so I don’t jinx it. I have had it for about 3 weeks now and it’s pretty cool.

I would have loved my stylist to do the invisible method from the roots but it was obviously that she didn’t sabi that one. So she braided the roots and started twisting after.

I used 10 packs of black knitting wool I found in the market and some green and red left-overs I had from doing yarn wraps, so yea. The vision was black braids with green and red streaks. Whoop!


– Wool is actually kinda light for braids so yay! You could also wash your hair while you have your braids in and you have access to your scalp if you want to cleanse or lightly oil.

– Another pro is when the style starts to age, then it gives off a ‘dreadlock-sy’ feel which I pretty much dig. And no, I’m not ‘loc’ing’ my hair anytime soon. I like that the style is flexible for styling so you can do what you want with it, although I find that I’m not that adventurous. I also like the colours I had incorporated, not the usual so yea, I’m cool like that.


– Like I stated earlier, you could wash your hair while you still have your twists installed but you may have to be careful not to get the whole length of the hair wet or else the aftermath is really heavy and time-consuming to dry out.

– When I was installing the twists, the lint from the wool was kinda annoying so you may have to check the quality of yarn you get to avoid that.

– I also don’t like how my hair kinda sticks out of the twist.. it doesn’t really stick out, but it’s really visible to me so I try to rebraid the ones that are unruly.

MAINTENANCE: I spritzed my hair, at least the length of it within the twists with my water and grapeseed oil mix. LOL. I honestly don’t remember what I put in it…I’m just guessing but the point is I have a spritz for the length of my hair. I’m trying to keep it minimalist for the most part and I’m not oiling my scalp much. I really want it to breathe and let the sebum do its thing, and when I do want to do something, grapeseed oil comes in cos it’s light. Also when I notice some flaking (cos’ my scalp skin peels a lot). I just target the area and cleanse my scalp with Dudu osun. Thankfully, no itchiness.


That’s pretty much it…I’ve washed my hair once in the 3 weeks I’ve had it.. I know i can do better. But overall, I like it. I prefer my kinky extensions sha but this will have to do for now.

Any words to chirp in?

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  1. HI great article. I know m some months late Though. I just installed red yarn twists n was looking for how to maintain It. Thanks for d tips

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