Protective Styling for June: Senegalese Twists

So I tried something relatively new for me!!! It’s a completely normal hairstyle but not for me. All my friends have been asking and wondering why I finally decided to do this protective styling and it is no other than Senegalese Twists! I think we just call it twisting in Nigeria. After my hair pissed me off on wash day, I was just ready to hide it away so I called my go-to stylist, Joy and we got to business.

I initially wanted to go for the black-roots/blonde-tips, ombre effects but I AM TOO COOL FOR THAT. Lol. Just kidding, Everybody’s doing it so I won’t. ;;)

Anyways, we got to business and it took us about 6 hours to get it done, another 30 minutes to trim and stuff, curling the tips and it was a wrap. I’m glad she did the invisible roots method in the front and that didn’t pull too much on my edges although I was a handful to deal with. LOL. I’m not about to sacrifice my edges for fine hair!! She did invisible roots method in the front and back and the regular braid first before twisting in the middle of my head. We also had to really detangle my ends hence the neat loook of the twists.

This protective styling is kinda new for me. I hope to keep it in for as long as possible. You know I never keep it in for as long as I say so lemme not jinx it. My major concern is keeping my scalp clean while I have this hair. I have had it for a little over a week and cos’ of my touchy scalp, I haven’t put anything on my strands although I should have moisturised 7 days after clean scalp. I can’t even touch my scalp without the secrets of my hair flying around in form of dead skin. Sigh. It’s so annoying… so yes, I plan on incorporating a very steady wash regimen while I have this hair in. I may also have to invest in some anti-dandruff shampoo cos’ I ain’t about this dandruff business!



PROS: It’s really easy to style, I think I’ll start looking up Pinterest on ideas to style my hair sef. Lemme try and be adventurous in this area small!

What do you think??

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  1. Hi Tunrie, I love it and it looks great on you. I’ve always been drawn to these type of twists but I’ve never gotten them myself. Many wash while in twists as I’m sure you know so I think you’ll be a-ok. I do think, however, they wash a little less frequently than once a week — maybe every other week to keep the frizzies down.

    1. Thanks. Uhm, the invisible method is basically when they start twisting the ‘twist’ straight from the roots for a neater look rather than braiding the roots then twisting…

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