Why Protective Styling? Here’s Your Response!

Welcome back to the blog! (I should really find a bomb way to say this), Holla Amigo? Don’t worry I’ll find it. So today we’d be talking about a necessity, you know, something every person on any hair journey should be doing … PROTECTIVE STYLING *moonwalks out of the building* just kidding, still here. A protective style can be said to be any hairstyle that protects your hair from an array of environmental and chemical damages.


  1. Keeping your hair in a protective style keeps the ends of your hair away from your shoulders, your bodily fluids and fabrics that are not so tender on the hair strands. It also protects it from environmental factors that can cause damage to the hair.
  2. Protective styling helps to retain length because the hair is not manipulated frequently and not exposed to environmental factors (wind, rain, air, etc.).
  3. Leaving your hair out or wearing it down and loose regularly can drain hair of internal moisture causing dryness which makes the hair prone to breakage and splitting.
  4. How better to save time than to throw your hair in a bun and get going. My messy bun never works out though (I end up looking homeless) so I go with a regular neat bun.
  5. A protective style gives you the opportunity to change up your look and try something totally new while your hair takes a break from heat and styling products. It is quite versatile.

However, protective styles should protect your ends and not be too tight. Be sure to avoid excessive pulling. The point is to protect your natural hair underneath. Protective styling will increase the quality and length of your hair. Using wigs is a great way to protect you hair.

What protective styles do you use? Have you noticed any difference since protective styling? Please send me a message if you have pulled off the messy bun (I need tips). Please don’t forget to leave a comment, subscribe and share this post.

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