Edges of Steel?

This post will hopefully enlighten you about your hairline!

Sometime last year, I got this amazing hairstyle inspiration from Just Me and 4C and I decided to get it done: it was lovely but it pulled on my edges a bit. My stylist, Natmane was a bit worried about the painfulness of the style and my edges. In one of our chats, I remember telling her not to worry about it and that my edges were made of steel or something like that. Yes, I have the quirkiest lines.

The fact is, our edges are quite fragile and shouldn’t be put under too much tension: if too much force is applied on them, they’ll only pull out. This sort of hair loss is referred to as traction alopecia. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to end up with this. I have seen really bad pictures of what traction alopecia looks like and no, they aren’t pretty.

Many hair stylists in Nigeria don’t feel like their job is done if the hairstyle isn’t done painfully tight and almost always respond harshly when the person they’re styling insists on a looser braid.
There isn’t really anything wrong with many protective styles if they are installed correctly. The problem arises when they are done too tightly, therefore applying tension on the edges e.g really tiny Senegalese braids (I squirm when I think of this style), ‘million braids’, amongst others.

For those ladies that already have hints of what may seem like traction alopecia, these few steps may help:

1. Stop installing unnecessarily tight braids. Is it the pain you enjoy? I’m sure your answer is No. So, please STOP.

2. Get some castor oil and incorporate it into your hair regimen. Massage it into your problem areas and hopefully, you’ll see some improvement soon.

3. Protect your edges by sleeping with a silk satin scarf tied. Not too tightly too as that could also be a problem.


There are tons of tips online to help you take better care of your edges and I sure hope you’ll take full advantage of them.

Until then. See ya!

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