How to protect the skin from the sun

Whether or not we choose to accept it, we all need sunscreens. It is important to consider the health and skin precautions that should be taken when spending extended periods of time in the sun. Think SPF and sunscreen!

This sun that’s beating our heads has two types of harmful rays that reach the earth: long wave ultraviolet (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet (UVB). It is advised to protect oneself from these rays as they could be quite harmful to the skin and may cause skin cancer on the long run. These rays could age the skin before its time to the extent that all the anti-age creams you use would no longer be effective. They could also cause wrinkles and age spots that a tub of collagen or ceramide cream would hardly tame. On top of these, the latter could result in sunburn.

Research shows that melanin (the pigment that makes skin brown) may act as a natural sunscreen by absorbing the rays but considering the fact that sunscreens should be re-applied severally, don’t you think you would wear out your skin when you go bare, without sunscreen?

It is also important to note that although melanin may act as an absorber, the rays absorbed could become toxic to the skin as more harmful rays are being absorbed.

Regardless of the weather, sunscreen should be used at all times. Many women actually boast that using sunscreen daily could be attributed to their youthfulness and this claim holds water because the skin is then properly shielded from the toxic rays.

Let’s debunk the myth that sunscreen is only for white people! That couldn’t be more wrong. Please add an extra layer of protection to your God-given melanin gloriousness and your skin would thank you in the years to come!

You could take the first step to protecting your skin by purchasing a sunscreen but this is a tricky task as many sunscreens leave a white residue on brown skin. Haha! I know this. Bye Nivea but the Eucerin brand came out clutch! What sunscreen brands do you use?

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