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This information was culled from myworldhut.com:

From Morocco, comes this remarkable natural source, reddish brown cosmetic clay known as Rhassoul.

  • It has been used for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner, and the finest spas across the globe currently utilize it for therapeutic benefits.
  • Rhassoul clay is great for reducing dryness in hair, improving elasticity, removing toxins, and leaving hair with body and bounce. It is also great for exfoliating and removing buildup from the scalp.
  • Users of Rhassoul Clay commonly report that their hair is more moisturized, softer, less brittle, smoother, and stronger overall. In addition, Rhassoul Clay can also be used to help soothe scalp issues such as dandruff and psoriasis.
  • Rhassoul is a mineral rich, reddish/brown clay that blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience.
  • Very high in trace minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium, making it truly one of the finest treasures for pampering your skin. 
  • Because of the high mineral content, astringent properties, and absorption properties, Rhassoul clay is a wonderful and effective clay for cleansing, detoxification, and for general skin care treatments. 
  • In clinical tests, Rhassoul has been shown to be effective on skin elasticity, clogged pores, removes dead skin layers, removes surface oil from skin, improves skin clarity and appearance, and reduces flakiness and dryness of both the scalp and skin.  
  • Its extraordinary power of absorption makes it more effective than other clays for cleansing, detoxification, and general skin treatment.

√ Reduces dryness (79%)
√ Reduces flakiness (41%)
√ Improves skin clarity (68%)
√ Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
√ Improves skin texture (106%)
√ Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedons
√ Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin in addition to the oil removal characteristics

Price: NGN1,850.00

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