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This 4-DVD package is a real cost-savings package and its Cutting Edge System will boost your metabolism and have the pounds melting off within the first 10 days.

Each DVD will challenge your body in a different way.With so many workouts, your body will continue to get leaner and leaner.

  • Postnatal Boot Camp will have you doing Intense Interval Training to jumpstart that body!
  • In the CFS Method DVD, you will train your core to fire from the inside-out, creating ab muscles that work like a Corset.
  • Then Core Metabolic Jumpstart will have your metabolism boosting while shredding the core.
  • And Shed 5 Fast will melt off the pounds!

This System has a 3-phase workout system. In Phase 1, all workouts can be done in 30 minutes or less. Then in Phase 2, you will challenge your body even more so you continue to shred your core – and lose even more fat! All in 45 minutes or less. Also included, a bonus Phase 3 so you learn how to see results after the initial 60 Days. Check your fitness level on Day 1 & Day 60 with the Fitness Test to see the stronger, leaner, new you.

In 60 days you will Super Charge your body for the Ultimate Slim Down. All you need is 1-2 sets of weights! You can even use the 60 Day System if you are breastfeeding! Simply follow a few rules in each of the 3 Phases of the Nutrition Plan. The 3-Phase Meal Plan is simple. No grocery lists, no tofu and broccoli, we’re talking REAL meals! Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Cheese, Smoothies, Shrimp Tacos and much, much more! The recipes are designed for the whole family to enjoy. Then in Phase 3 Lindsay teaches you how to do it on your own, easy as 5-4-3-2-1.

Get started today with the 3-phase Nutrition Plan any mom can follow, a detailed Fitness Calendar and Progress Tracker.

Price: NGN11,000.00

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