Product review: Zaron HD liquid eyeliner

Two words: winged liner. image To say that I’ve been trying to perfect my winged liner will be the understatement of the year. It got to a point that I got frustrated and just gave up. Plus my hooded eyes didn’t help matters. image I didn’t plan to buy this Zaron HD Eyeliner. Actually, I went to the store with the intention of buying the Zaron Gel Liner in Jazz as well as the Kajal as I had run out of my usual Maybelline Collossal Kajal. I needed a replacement asap but I saw this instead. After going back and forth with the store attendant, I eventually bought it.

Also, it was rather affordable. I thought, why not? Problem is, I’ve never been good with liquid liners. I have thrown out enough to know how much I hated buying them. I never just got it right. Of course, I was skeptical about this particular one. I didn’t even give it much thought. All I knew was I needed an eyeliner. Well, let’s just say, I was pleasantly surprised. See for yourself. image Forgive my wonky attempt. The best thing about it is its intensity. Mahn, it’s really dark. No wonder it’s called an HD Eyeliner. The photo above doesn’t get as close as it is. It comes as regular liquid liner with a felt-tip pen which of course needs some getting used to. It’s long-lasting and also comes off easily. I’m hoping in the subsequent weeks, I master the winged liner. But just in case you’re like me and need help, check this tutorial below. image


So easy yet so difficult. All in all, it a good buy. If you need something to alternate or replace your staple eyeliner, this is worth it as long as you have stable hands.

Rating: 4 stars 2

Price: N1490

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