Product review: Zaron face definer


My initial idea was to get an alternative to concealer and setting powder. For some reasons, I wasn’t interested in going the whole nine yards. I’m already taking up so much time to apply my makeup as I have introduced more products. I didn’t want to spend extra time highlighting and setting so I got the Zaron Face Definer which I thought would solve all of my highlighting and contouring problems in just one step.


First of all, I can’t believe I’ve wasted N3,000 on this when I could easily have gotten a Ben Nye Setting Powder and an LA Girl Concealer for just around the same price especially since I already have a bronzer that was suiting me just fine.

Lessons learnt: Always do your research people and weigh the options.


This product comes in a trio palette of highlight, contour and bronzer. In my head, I might find a way around it later on but that’s just by the way. It comes in a powdery texture as opposed to cream which I think would have been fantastic because only the bronzer serves its purpose, the other two are just as good as a face powder. (Speaking of which, maybe I used mix the highlighter and contour powder and use it for my face. Hmm. I might just try that. That way it doesn’t go to waste and I can exhaust it asap!)

Meanwhile, the highlight doesn’t do much. Haven’t really tried the contour because it’s of no use. There’s nothing to contour when no highlighting has been done. The only good saving grace is the bronzer which does a decent job.

Will I be buying again? No way! Instead I will save up for a setting powder. As I mentioned earlier, I will be using it as a face powder. I’ll try to give feedback.

Rating:  Two-star-rating

Price: N3,000

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