Product review: Tropic Isle Living Argan oil Serum

Full name: Tropic Isle Living Black Castor Oil Serum with Argan oil 4 oz


Price: 3200

Where to buy Jamaican black castor oil serum in Nigeria: Sizzelle Online Store

Directions: After hair has been washed and conditioned, pour enough serum into your hands and apply lightly over all areas of your wet hair.

Product claims: Use for dry, dull, frizzy hair

Ingredients: Jamaican black castor oil, Argan oil, Shea Oil, Coconut oil, Wheat germ

My thoughts:

I use this oil to seal in moisture after rinsing out my conditioner. I rub it on my palms and then squeeze out the excess water from my hair. I also apply it immediately after towel-drying and before using my leave-in conditioner. I can sometimes do without a leave-in conditioner when I use this serum. My hair always feels smooth and soft after it air dries. I panic when I misplace it OR it’s running out. I don’t use it to seal my hair during the week because it contains coconut oil. Coconut oil and my hair don’t mix and match when I use it daily.

My only complaint about it is that although it is called a serum, it is not thick like a true serum. In my opinion, it is actually just an oil mix and cannot be used as a heat protectant.

4 stars 2

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