Product review: thermal cap for deep conditioning

I finally got my very first thermal cap a few weeks ago. I like to think of it as an early gift. It’s one of those things that I have always desired since the beginning of my natural hair journey and boy, am I glad that I finally have it. Like I captioned on my Instagram, Deep Conditioner bout to be LIT!


Instead of a proper electric head steamer, I chose this majorly because of its portability. I do not need any extra hair tool especially since I don’t have an apartment yet and my stash has comfortably occupied a large section of my room. So, when I saw this, I was rather elated and couldn’t wait to purchase.

The photo shows exactly what it comprises of – an extra shower cap which I absolutely love, an electric thermal heat cap with a plug which is also pretty convenient. You could easily unzip it to wash. In fact, I didn’t appreciate it until I saw a video where the lady had to heat her cap in the microwave repeatedly. I think it’s the other variation.

I used it almost immediately after purchase. It comes with a regulator. So you can either have it on low or high heat. Sometimes, I leave it on a while for it to heat up before wearing it. After which, I reduce it to low heat so I don’t burn my scalp.

The first time I used it for my hot oil treatment with Amla oil, I was pleasantly impressed. I felt the oil penetrate my scalp and when I washed out, my hair was the softest thing ever. I can’t even explain. In fact, I thought I was gonna be doing hot oil treatments every week.

This thermal cap is easily the best thing for your deep conditioning and hot oil treatments and I have a feeling that the health of my hair is gonna improve drastically plus deep conditioners now have a better chance of being properly absorbed.

Rating: 4 stars 2

Price: N4000

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