Product Review: SheScentIt Green Tea Coconut Hair Milk

Think Cantu Shea Leave-in but with far less fragrance. Win! It’s also paraben, mineral oil, petroleum and phthalates-FREE!
Product description: The hair milk instantly transforms dry brittle hair into soft luscious locks. It penetrates each strand to moisturise and hydrate using emollient rich coconut oil and soothing green tea. It makes your kinks and coils softer and more manageable leaving them hydrated and nourished. 

Tunrie’s Review: I can say this leave in is quite nourishing. I once used it in after rinsing out henna which naturally dries out the hair and it did a pretty good job hydrating my curls. 

Product promise: 

  • Hydrates and detangles hair 
  • Nourishes kinks and curls
  • Helps to prevent breakage from daily styling and manipulation. 


Tunrie’s Review: Yes, this hair milk delivered on its promise. I mean it’s not as slippery as the Kinky Curly Knot Detangler which is basically the King of Slip but it does a pretty decent job. 

Product use: Apply a liberal amount of Green Tea Coconut Hair Milk on damp or dry hair to moisturise, detangle or refresh. A small amount can be used as a leave-in on wet hair. 

Tunrie’s Review: I used this leave in both on dry and damp hair dealing with Shea butter. I prefer my hair outcome when I use it on dry hair. It may be a quirk but it’s worthy of note. 

First 4 Product ingredients: 

Water, Green Tea extract, Marshmallow Root extract, coconut oil

I got lazy typing out the ingredients list. 

Verdict: My hair really enjoyed the benefits of this leave in and I really appreciate that the fragrance isn’t overly cloying. 

The bottle pump is handy but only when there’s a lot of product in the bottle. At some point I had to take off the cap to use the last bit. 

Rating: 4 stars 2

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