Product review: Peau de Lune cleanser

As part of a facial routine, cleansers are very important…….I shared a natural face cleanser recipe some time ago…

Make-up must be removed before bed time and a good cleanser that removes make-up and dirt leaving the pores clean and fresh is every woman’s desire.

This cleanser I want to share with you has been in my mum’s stash for a long time: she bought it for acne and decided to pass it down to me since I had an outburst of uncontrollable acne……

I loveeeeeee this product: its smell is kinda harsh tough and it hurts around the eyes but it works for my skin……It helps to reduce whiteheads on my face and reduce those swollen pimples overnight and with constant application they’ll all go away.

LOTION PEAU DE LUNE FLORAL  is made from floral water with juice of natural plants………….now I don’t know what kind of plants but it works for my skin.

APPLICATION: Soak dry cotton, Clean your skin every evening only…..(very important evening only)

Price ranges from N1500- N2500.

This pink one is for fair people  and there’s one for dark skin ladies….so when you find one in a store ask for the right option for your skin color.


Have fun cleansing your skin!

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  1. Hello,

    I just stumbled on your blog while looking for reviews on this product. I would like to know where you get yours as I can’t seem to find a shop in Lagos that has it for sale. Thanks!

  2. The first two bottles I got are not slimmy but the third bottle I got from the store is slimmy. Have they changed this product? I use the brown colour.

    1. hi, the one i got is slimmy and I used the brown for 1 week and its done nothing soo far, doesnt look like its working, they may have changed the formula

  3. Hello. Im brown skinned. Which one would you recommend I use ? And where and how can I also get it. My aunt uses this cleanser and her skin is FLAWLESS. But she’s light skinned. I don’t know if I can also use the one she uses. It’s pink

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