[PRODUCT REVIEW] Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning Treatment

If Nigeria had a natural hair cult product, I believe it would be the Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioner. Everyone I know has raved about it.From bloggers to naturalistas. At some point, it felt like a must have. I decided to get one even though I thought it was too pricey for a deep conditioner. I mean, what could possibly be in it? I purchased this product at NITC17, they came as vendors and I couldn’t resist. After bantering with the sales person for a while, she hinted that the price might go up in January. I did not know when I brought out my card.

Product Promise

This product is ideal for both natural and chemically processed hair. It is a great multi-use product that addresses the following conditions:

Great remedy for damaged, dry and brittle hair. We guarantee that you notice a reversal in the look & feel of your hair after just two uses!

Perfect dry hair and dry scalp – our churned blend goes a long way to add much-needed moisture to parched and thirsty hair, which is very typical of most African hair types.

Deeply moisturizes to soften, moisturize and give hair a refreshed lustre and shine

Great for use to deep condition hair before braiding or putting cornrows or fixing a weave.

This product is also great for younger Oloris who wear their hair braided or plaited regularly.

This product is also a great detangler for use when taking out braids

This product is designed to bring out the Olori in your hair!


Shea butter, Shea oil, Palm kernel oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil.


For use pre or post – shampoo, leave in for 10 – 60 minutes under a shower cap. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water or lightly shampoo if needed. Style as required.

How I use

I used this as a deep conditioner in small quantities after a Multani/amla mask. My hair wasn’t so dry. In fact, it was pretty conditioned as a result of the Amla but I had really high expectations.

Did it fall hand? Between 0 – 100, how angry are you?

I’m trying so hard not to lose it but SERIOUSLY??? I don’t think packaging SHEA BUTTER, PALM KERNEL OIL, COCONUT AND CASTOR OIL FOR N2500 was a fair deal. I’M SO MAD I COULD THROW IT AWAY BUT I WON’T! WORST STILL, IT’S SO OILY AND SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE PALM KERNEL OIL, I find this annoying.

Okay rant over! But you can tell how angry I am? This product is overrated. I’m still thinking about how to use it because it left my hair so oily that I had to co-wash to reduce the oil. Yes, my hair was soft BUT WHY ISN’T IT SOLD AS A HAIR CREAM OR SOMETHING???? I would have to use it as a pre-poo which I’m really not a fan of or co-wash as a deep conditioner. No water, no moisture, no slip.



Will I repurchase?

Hell no! I can mix this myself!

Rating: Two-star-rating

Price: N2500

Where to buy: Olori cosmetics

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