Product review: Natural Nigerian raw black soap

I’ve used raw black soap before now. I didn’t like it because it was stressful. I simply wanted a stress-free black soap. So, I decided to try Natural Nigerian’s.

The first thing that you notice after purchase is the price – quantity ratio. Compared to what I had bought previously, for N1,500, this is almost double. It comes in a plain plastic tub with a tightly sealed cover that is filled to the brim. Meanwhile, what’s with Natural Nigerian’s label-less tubs? NN did a post here on mixing black soap so I didn’t have any issues following through.

This is what my first sample brightening batch looked like;

2 tsp of raw black soap
2 tsp of lemon juice
5 drops of tea tree oil

I mixed everything together and left it for about a week to cure. NN says the longer it cures, the better it becomes. I would have left it longer but I was itching to use it. Guys, I loved it! It had a gel-like consistency which lathers on application. Plus, it’s made with shea butter so it isn’t drying like regular black soaps. I didn’t even need to add oils but I will subsequently.

This is such a fantastic raw black soap. It’s everything! I cannot wait to make more variations.

Price: N1500

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