Product Review: Marykay Timewise Foundation in Bronze 5

Have you ever wanted a medium coverage foundation without the cakey results? Then MaryKay Timewise is for you!

A while ago, I wanted to change my foundation and didn’t know what to choose so I went to my regular store and asked for one within my budget. Before now, I had heard about MaryKay Timewise. Apparently, it’s popular as it is perfect for everyday use. So, I decided to try it.

I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s only right to talk about it.


It comes in a small tube which is good for application but is also prone to spillage.

How I Use:

I apply it all over with a foundation sponge or a beauty blender.


These are some of the things I should have noted before buying. Turns out, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

  1. It’s super runny. If you’re not careful, it WILL spill.
  2. It is matte. After application, it dries out without any trace or shine. If you desire a sheen or glow, you might have to mix it with a moisturizer or a highlighter.
  3. It’s lightweight which makes it perfect for everyday use.



It’s buildable coverage which means you can apply several thin layers without it looking thick or cakey. Now this, I’m not exactly a fan of. Why do I need to apply several layers to build a full coverage? Instead I’d rather mix the foundation with another foundation or a concealer.


Bottom line…

It’s actually a good foundation no doubt. Perfect for the Nigerian weather. Problem is, it doesn’t last all day even with a primer which of course affects the entire makeup.



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