Product Review: Ghee


Ghee aka Cow butter aka Man Shanu.

Kene of The Kink and I has talked about it. Hadassah of Nappily Nigeriangirl has tried and verified it. I knew I just had to get my hands on ghee!

Luckily for me, I found ghee on the counter of my favorite Indian store and I couldn’t resist. I had to buy plus it was ridiculously cheap.

Ghee butter, also known as clarified butter is a product of cow milk which originated from South Asia. When the fresh cow milk is boiled and left to cool, the butter separates from the milk and is gently removed hence ghee, which is the cow butter.

I decided to use ghee as a moisturizing deep conditioner on dry hair (as usual).

First impressions.

It came in a white grainy form with a buttery consistency. Most of the ones around are yellow in colour but according to Hadassah, the white ones are the more fresher ones. Initially I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t care what colour mine came in as long as it was not spoilt. I was so delighted when it came in white.

My experience

I applied mine sectionally on dry hair is moderate quantities like I would with my regular DC. After which, I covered with a cling film and left it for 3 hours before co-washing out. Now this is where the problem arose.

I used too much!!!!

And so it was soo difficult to wash out.

At first, I tried co-washing.
Next, shampooing.
And then co-washing and oil rinsing.
Eventually, I settled for my raw black soap before it finally washed out.

It was so frustrating! I couldn’t really even wash it all out completely. There were still residues but I was so exhausted that I just left the bathroom to moisturize with the Liquid-oil-cream (LOC) method before the harmattan dried out my hair!


My LOC method consists of my African Naturalistas Leave-in conditioner, Coconut oil and Whipped shea butter which was of course, laden with a couple of other oils. I should have simply stuck to only coconut oil which would have prevented the moisture-overload situation and the subsequent oil dripping.

You see, I realised eventually that, ghee is a rather heavy butter which has so much effect on natural hair even after washing/rinsing out so it’s not exactly advisable to moisturize immediately afterwards. I did however absolutely love the incredibly soft texture of my hair afterwards even though I had to pay for it for the rest of the day.

Pros Of Ghee.
– Its overly moisturizing which is great especially for winter, harmattan or after a henna treatment.
– Its scent doesn’t linger afterwards (maybe it’s the one I bought though).
– Its easy to apply and does not necessarily need supplements.
– It made my hair soft and gave it some serious definition – the best so far, really.

– It’s difficult to wash out especially when used in large quantities. Small quantities go a long way.

My Verdict.
I have a thing for organic products so it has become a staple. I’m just gonna learn how to control and moderate the quantity I use. It’s especially great after a henna treatment to replenish moisture plus it’s readily available (for me) and can be used over a period of time.

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