Product review: Beyond beauty lipstains


This is possibly the most popular lipstain in the market at the moment. So much that it retails from about 300 naira to as high as 800 naira.

Affordable. Long lasting. Highly pigmented. Matte.

What else can one ask for?

The first time I bought it, I picked it randomly from the shelf. Anytime I go makeup shopping I always pick one or two lipsticks. This time, I decided against them and settled for lipstains especially since I’ve been hearing a lot about its awesomeness lately. So, I picked two colours in 26 and 42.


26 was supposed to be nude but it turned out highly pigmented which meant about two shades brighter – peach-ish.
Unfortunately I’m not one for bold colours so this is just sitting comfortable in my stash until I can figure out what to do with it.


42, on the other hand is perfection. I’ve worn it every week since I bought it. Just the right shade of wine or burgundy.

The next set, which was totally impulsive was 01 and 10. I figured I could do with a couple more colours. Did I also mention that these products are dirt cheap?


01 – I don’t know why I always buy bold/neon lipsticks bearing in mind that I might never wear them. See, my lip colours have to be directly proportional to my skin tone. Plus, I don’t even have a light-skinned friend to gift it to.


10 – this right here got me the compliments. There was a particular guy that kept dishing out compliments. That’s how show-stopping it is.

See how pigmented they are. I literally have to scrub to get it out plus it lasts all day. Usually, I wear these when I have a day-long event so it wears out naturally and I don’t have to waste it.

Check your favorite cosmetic store for your lipstains.

Rating: 4 stars 2

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