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  • Healthy Hair Basics: Moisturizing & Sealing
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  • Exploring the incredible benefits of scalp massages

Water for skin and hair

Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and is vital for all forms of life. It is believed that humans cannot go without water for three days. However, I know a few people who have gone on a completely dry fast for ±7 days. Why do we need water? Water: acts as a solvent for many compound, nutrients and minerals in the human body and helps to distribute these necessary…


What is hair conditioning?

So what does it mean to condition your hair? Conditioning your hair means applying a product to your hair that will alter its  texture and appearance. Conditioners can either soften your hair or strengthen it, or do both. ✔You can either condition your hair before (Pre-shampoo conditioning or Prepoo for short) washing your hair or after washing your hair. ✔You can leave the conditioner on for a minute or two (Instant…


Steps for retaining hair length!

Does your hair stay stuck at one length but you want it to grow longer? To achieve longer hair, you must learn steps for retaining hair length. Deep condition your hair regularly. Moisturize and seal your hair as often as needed. Learn how to comb your hair the right way. Detangle your hair carefully, especially after washing your hair or taking off a weaveon or braids. Don’t stretch the periods…