Oops I did it again! Another long wash day {Dr Fomsky}

Hi peeps. I was really enjoying my hair after my last wash day. If you recall, I had deep conditioned my hair overnight. My hair needed no moisturizer for 2 days which is not normal for me. I usually have moisturize my hair daily.
Anyways, I kept having this desire to deep condition my hair (it’s becoming an addiction) and yesterday was a day off for me.
About 3 pm yesterday, I co-cleansed my hair, applied some Strong Roots Pimento oil to my scalp then slathered my conditioning mix (Hairveda Sitrinillah conditioneressential oils, aloe vera juice concentrate, rice bran oil, hempseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil) on my hair. I wore my heating cap for about 30 minutes.

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Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners

Now, this is where it gets funny. I intended to keep the conditioner in for a few hours and then rinse it off. When I went to take a shower, the water was completely COLD. I put on the water heater and waited for an hour. Still COLD. No way I was going to take a cold shower. Never. It was getting late and I didn’t want to end up still detangling and drying my hair by midnight. So, I said what’s the worse that could happen and I went to bed with the deep conditioner. Again!
This morning, I rinsed it off. The water was now hot by the way. My water heater takes forever to heat up.

I applied argan oil to each section (5 in total) and Pura body naturals murumuru moisture milk as my leave-inconditioner.
Put my hair in 5 single braids and clipped up the ends. Here I am under the dryer.


I have been here for about an hour. The ends are dry but the roots still moist so give or take, another 30 minutes and I’m outta here. I must say my hair feels silky. Deep conditioning overnight is messy but leaves my hair silky. Or is it the conditioning mix?

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