Once upon a washday…

Today’s wash day is brought to you by the French public holiday.

I changed up a few things to save time and avoid having a wet head of hair through the whole process of the wash. Adapting WestAfricanBaby’s method, I only needed a spritz bottle of water, my shampoo and my deep conditioner.I find that this helps me get done with washday faster especially now that my hair is longer than it was before. And I was never a fan of having a wet head for too long.

DSC_1177 After scrubbing gently massaging my scalp with the shampoo, I applied and massaged the deep conditioner, Hairveda’s Sitrinilla Deep Conditioning Masque into the length of my hair and covered it for about an hour. This smells amazing by the way.

My hair was in four sections by the way, I rinsed out and used my leave-in and shea butter to twist it up in smaller sections.


Hopefully I’d get some protective styling as soon as possible because single strand knots are (k)not allowing me to even rest, 12 twists later, I was done. I didn’t quite time the process but this is much more time-saving that my former routine/ritual for wash days.

P.S: Other accomplices to this washday are my faithful pair of scissors (not shears x_x) and a few drops of eucalyptus oil and argan oil (not pictured, I forgot.) I mostly used the scissors to snip off SSKs as I felt them and trim off tired ends. Guys, be not afraid of the scissors, and do get rid of ssks and splits as you see them. Lol. I forgot to use the castor oil, remember to be light-handed with the shea butter so your next washday doesn’t come sooner than planned!

P.S: Was also excited about trying out Jessicurl’s Too Shea conditioner that I used as a leave-in after Ekene’s review. Moral of the story: Do keep it simple.

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