What is an oil-based cleanser?

Oil-based cleansers are so slept on!

Have you ever tried washing off the waterproof mascara or using water-based wipes to take off super-matte lipsticks? Well, next time that happens to you, just add a drop or two of any carrier oil and watch the makeup come off so easily!

The main idea behind oil-based cleansers is this – Oil dissolves oil. Cleansing the oil-based way ensures that pores are deeply cleansed while protecting the skin. If you have a hard time believing this, Beautybean breaks it down:

‘… the sebum your skin produces is actually designed to help lubricate, heal, protect and moisturize our skin so that it can function properly. And when you strip away your skin’s naturally produced oil with oil-free cleansers, soaps and washes, well, your skin fights back. It over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating even more oil. And let’s just get to the point here – in this war you’re waging against oil on your face, you’re destined to lose.’

This also underlines the importance of understanding your skin before building a regimen. If proper care is not taken, skincare regimens may worsen skin conditions rather than improve them.

For starters, oil-based cleansers could aid in ensuring the optimum level of moisture for your skin. Carrier oils like jojoba could be used to easily lift off impurities.

What do you think about introducing an oil-based cleanser into your skincare routine?

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