This OAP’s Weightloss Transformation Is Amazing!

Her name is Destiny Amaka. She is an on-air personality with CoolFM. She recently started a weight loss journey which was motivated by an emotional breakdown. The results so far has been amazing!

Read excerpts of her story as published on Bellanaija.

WOW, what a shock to my entire system because I love food so much. I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time (no fun at all and I certainly do not wish this on the next person).
When my appetite came back, I just didn’t want the extra weight back so instead of going back to my old eating habits, I started cutting my portions down. I realised that my body doesn’t need as much food as I was giving it. I’ve lost a total of 23kg in 14 months with portion control, eliminating certain foods hitting the gym and drinking a lot of water. My lifestyle completely changed and so did my health for the better, I sleep better, and have less aches and pains during the day. I started of at 89kg and gradual worked my way down to 66kg. I was afraid to say anything before because I thought the weight would creep back as it usually does but this time it is gone for good :)…Well, until it’s time to start a family.

For now, my goal is to stay under 70kg and maintain a healthy lifestyle.






I don’t know about you but this is the most inspiring thing I’ve read in recent times. Amazing!


Watch the first episode of her weight loss vlog below.

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